What is cricket and how to bet on it?

England is considered the ancestor of modern football, but several centuries before the spread of “sport number 1” in Foggy Albion, British gentlemen had fun playing cricket. The history of the discipline begins in the 16th century, and 100 years later, cricket turns into a national event that remains popular to this day – the discipline is recognized as the second most popular in Foggy Albion (after football). Thus betting on this sport has a long history just as cricket itself.
Cricket is a little-known sport, but in terms of the volume of bets it is not inferior to baseball or handball. India, which is the # 1 game is home to over a billion people who bet on their favorite teams. In addition, the discipline is common in England, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Rules of the game

Cricket matches are played on an elliptical grass pitch. In the center there is a platform where the game itself unfolds. It involves two teams, each of which has 11 athletes. Players hit the ball during the competition. For this, a long and wide bit with a small handle is used. The cricket ball is made of cork and covered with leather to allow it to be fed over long distances.
The main roles in the game are played by a bowler and a batsman. The first athlete’s job is to serve the ball. The batsman sends him away from opponents in certain areas. During this time, the batter needs to have time to cross the field, which is similar to baseball.
Check out for a better understanding of the rules of cricket with terminology:

  • Runs are points awarded during the game.
  • Runner – a player who runs after the batsman, if the latter is unable to cover the required distance after hitting the ball.
  • Pitch is the name of the site where cricket is played.
  • Over is a period of games that includes 6 bowler innings. After the completion of each over, the attacker is changed.
  • Out – a situation where a batsman leaves the game, allowing the next athlete to continue in the competition.

Many are interested in the question of how long cricket lasts. The peculiarity of this kind of sport is that most of the competitions are held without time limits. During the competition, teams need to play a certain number of overs, which can take from 2-5 hours to several days.

Types of cricket bets

Competition formats and rules can be confusing for betting players, so you need to figure out what outcomes are offered for this game.

On exit
The capper guesses the result of the match – who will win the meeting. A draw in this sport is impossible (with the exception of the first level tournaments), so the bettor has two options – the victory of the first or second team. Experts recommend conducting an analysis of personal meetings to determine the choice. You can gamble on the competitions of the first level with a double chance, ensuring yourself in case of a draw.

On total
Matches in this sport are long-lasting, and bookmakers offer many different totals – for example, you can bet on the total number of runs in a match, or on the total runs within a separate segment of the game (based on 5 or 10 overs). Totals are offered general or individual – the capper can evaluate the performance of each team.

Additional bets
Betting players often choose to win or lose a team with a handicap, plus or minus. In this sport, you can choose a handicap for wounds. In games, bettors often place on zero handicap, ensuring their result in case of a possible draw.

Special bets
There are many unusual situations in cricket, so there are special bets. For example, the bettor can place money on who will serve first in the match (the outcome of the draw). There are bets on winning the first innings, as well as separate bets on the statistics of the players – who is recognized as the best server and slugger, etc.

How to place cricket bets correctly?

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Cricket is one of those games where pre-match analysis is of relatively low value. Of course, you cannot ignore him with a pro approach. The form of teams and individual players should be monitored, motivation, injuries, field factor, head-to-head matches, home and away game statistics should be taken into account. But since bettors mainly gamble on live cricket, live analysis is crucial.
In-match analysis includes factors such as draw results, ball wear, field wear and weather. Each of them strongly influences the scenario of the match, which can last for several days.

Features of betting

When placing money on cricket, you need to know that there are three types of competition in this sport:
Level 1 cricket is the slowest form of this game, where there are many tactics and meetings lasting up to 5 days. In this format, national championships and test matches between national teams are held.
One Day Matches – The match is limited to 40 or 50 overs, so the winner is usually identified within one playing day.
T20 – is the fastest and most entertaining schedule, the average duration of matches is only three and a half hours.

Is it worth betting on cricket?

In cricket, bets require a thorough approach from the bettors. The exception is betting on the draw, where you can safely rely only on luck. In other cases, the strategy should be based on careful analysis.
Perhaps this sport will seem boring to some, since the format of the match can change due to weather conditions, and the time regulations of the tournaments are not clearly spelled out in the rules. But, the volume of gambles on cricket is growing every year, which means that while you are pondering whether to join this sport or not, other bettors have already mastered the rules and are making money with might and main.