It has long been known: India worships cricket. But it is not commonly known that this state has a chic economy upbuild on this sport: the Indian Premier League (IPL) media rights under a new deal cost $ 2.6 billion. This deal is in the world top 10 and, in terms of price per season, is ahead of, for example, the NHL contract in force until 2024. Just imagine how many people bet on this sport and what sums of money you can win.

The most astonishing thing is that the IPL was started only decade ago: the first competition was held in 2008 (another hockey parallel: the KHL was launched just four months later). Betting on this sport is immensely popular in India.

How are the games organised?

Cricket games are played in the shortened Twenty20 format, they last approximately of 3 – 3,5 hours – for cricket this is not much, because in another format matches usually go on for at least 5 to 6 hours. It was with the start of Twenty20 in 2003 that Indian cricket began to gain commercial appeal. It can be hard to bet on them, but it is still possible.
The IPL season is intense in April and May with 60 cricket matches in the championship. Within 2 months, each club plays 14 matches, with each opponent at home and away. The schedule is drawn up so that no more than 2 games take place in 1 day, they are divided into time slots. The semi-finals and finals are not series, but singles. This tournament is full of possibilities to bet, especially for those who are new to betting.

How did they achieve such success?

The return of Chennai was very important because of the interest of the fans: 10,000 fans came to the first pre-season training session , the two-year prohibition did not prevent the Super Kings from being the most expensive brand among the IPL participants. It also has a lot fanas among those who bet.
One of the best ways in cricket league is to create great conditions for watching IPL games where there are no teams. The devotion of Indians for cricket allows it. In 36 cities of this land (mostly millionaire), IPL opens fan parks and creates in them an atmosphere close enough to the stadium one. The entrance is free, inside visitors are offered various entertainment and, of course, have a lot of options to spend money.

Why should you bet on the IPL?

The Indian Premier League is developing surprisingly quickly on the local market: even with occasional serious problems with the image, the IPL management managed to maintain significant growth in key audiences – not only due to the mega-popularity of cricket (there are five and a half thousand only professional players in the country or some other form were interested in more than a billion Indians), but also thanks to high-quality work in different directions. This league is a good opportunity to test your betting skills and win some money.