The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional cricket league in India, officially named in honor of the sponsor.
Over the past day, more than 379 thousand cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in India, with a total of 1.8 million infections registered in the country. There were also 3,645 deaths reported, but the growing number of cases and the crisis in the medical industry did not prevent the country’s authorities from hosting the cricket championship, a sport that is very popular in the country. Writes about this Daily Mail.
It is noteworthy, but the championship in New Delhi is being held at the stadium, which is located literally on the next street from the largest “coronavirus” hospital in the city, where for a month now doctors have been complaining about a catastrophic lack of oxygen, necessary medicines and beds. In recent days, patients have been forced to lay on beds in twos, and connect to oxygen right outside the hospital walls.
The holding of the championship in the country has already been called “a feast in the time of the plague” and a grotesque spectacle. People are outraged that while the country does not have enough crematoria to burn the bodies of the dead, millionaires go to the field to play cricket.