Cricket for a wide audience is an exotic sport. Non-contact command discipline originated in medieval England and is still poorly developed on the territory of the post-Soviet space. This is not the case in Great Britain and its former colonial countries, where this sport is most popular.
Despite the low prevalence of this sport in the world, bookmakers offer their customers cricket bets. They open up good opportunities for making money on gambling. Let’s dwell on the rules of this sport, its features, and basic terminology. We will also talk about how to place money on cricket using strategies.

Pros and cons of betting on cricket

Cricket betting is popular in the bookmaker’s office, and all thanks to the presence of a number of advantages:

  • A large number of events. Matches are held all year round, until December 31st. The new season starts in January.
  • Serial fights. Each team can hold several meetings during the week. This makes it easier to determine the condition of the teams.
  • High max rates. Bookmakers set decent maximum limits, which are rarely found in other sports.
  • There is no equality of points. Fights are held until the winner is determined. The absence of draws in cricket simplifies process of predicting the result of the match.
  • A large amount of statistical information. You can find it both in Russian and foreign sources.

Cricket betting also has a number of downfalls that are important for every bettor to consider:

  • Forecasts from analysts are hard to come by, so you may need to use English-language sources.
  • There are many nuances in the rules, which requires a thorough study of them.
  • Long matches, so there is no need to count on a quick calculation of bets.
  • The broadcasting is limited.

Strategies for successful cricket betting

Compositions of teams. Find out if one of the clubs was reshuffled due to illness of several athletes or disqualification. Number of overs. The more there are, the longer the game will take. This means that you should place money on the team that shows good results in long-term competitions. Place of the meeting. Usually, the roosters play better at home than on the road.
Terrain. For example, if a club of India goes to Pakistan, you can count on good results from it. But if England becomes the venue, it will be more difficult for the national team to adapt, which will affect quality of the game.

Is it worth trying?

Betting on this sport is an opportunity to make money on a renowned sport among the English-speaking audience. Analyzing and using financial schemes can give you a high percentage of successful transactions, which will positively affect your profit level.
The kind of sport lends itself easily to analytics. Analyze statistics, form, motivation, and weather. Do not forget about tournament formats, which differ in nuances in the rules and duration of fights.